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靈芝王生命液| Ty-e Life Cure

樂生命 |靈芝王生命液

樂生命 |靈芝王生命液

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True Cases sharing 


Maj. Anthony A. Alico

The Doctor told me I had 3-6 months to live. >>Detail



Ken Alico ( son of Maj. Anthony A. Alico )gave a letter to H.L. Chow.  >>Detail



Mr. Shiang Dai Mo- senior engineer (age 80)

I have tried Ty-e Life Cure for 10 years. I think the effectiveness of Ty-e Life Cure helps me a lot, and I can use my self experience to prove it.>>Detail



Chiu Yu Yin- Patient of brain problem for 9 years

Ty-e Life Cure gives me a new life! I hope Ty-e Life Cure can cure more patients!>>Detail


Mr. Tse Fung Chung- author and commentator

Ty-e Life Cure is the best medicine in the world! Its effectiveness contributes to its popularity!>>Detail



Mr. Ho Ping- Author of the Water of Life

I want to call it in a modest way: ‘The Water of Life’! (Global Entrepreneur 1998 Vol. 7)>>Detail



Mr. Qu Man- the national first class director of Beijing films, the artistic director of the Beijing Oriental Culture Development Centre United, the senior journalist, editor, committee of The Modern Miscellany

Everyone only has once a life time only, and it is definitely limited.>>Detail



Ms Luk Sau Fong- Retiring officers of agricultural science department (Age 81)

Ty-e Life Cure has offered me the miracle of life.>>Detail



Ms Lee- Patient who had female problems

Ty-e Life Cure is so good and it took off my two serious problem! >>Detail



Mr. Wong - A doctor

Ty-e Life Cure gave me back my life when I was old.>>Detail


Ho Ho Yeung - Patient who had problem of testis (age 2.5)

After taking Ty-e Life Cure for 2 months, Ho Ho has a head o black hair, and he is so energetic that he plays so hard with his friends. At that time, the Hong Kong media has a wide coverage of news reporting who saved Ho Ho.>>Detail



Tsui Tsui- patient of Blood Problems (age 8)

Like Ho Ho, Tsui Tsui had started taking Ty-e Life Cure in the Tuen Mun Hospital of Hong Kong. After 2 months, he became normal.>>Detail


Mr. To Tsun Ki - Patient of cerebral problems

He described in an interview after recovery, after taking Ty-e Life Cure for 2 years, the cerebral problem (9cm) has disappeared.>>Detail


Mr. Wu Cheung- patient of M1-typed blood problem (age 46)

I had a urgent M1-typed blood problem.>>Detail


Mr. Wong Yat Wah Share his feeling after drinking“Ty-e Life Cure”

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