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靈芝王生命液| Ty-e Life Cure

樂生命 |靈芝王生命液

樂生命 |靈芝王生命液

Experts’ Comments




Professor Shek

Tianjin Univeristy of Traditional Chinese Medicine Dean
China School of Science Dean
Popular scholar of Chinese medicine in China


Ty-e Life Cure had made good use of the experience left by Dao Jia (a chinese belief in the past) together with the precious Rou Ling Zhi (a kind of Ganoderma) grown by modern methods. I am interested in this medicine as I am a doctor and scientist. I have used Ty-e Life Cure in treatments for many people over these years, and have done a lot of clinical observation and researches on basic theories. We have even done the research and observation with Tianjin medical laboratories, medical schools and biological schools investigating in the fields of immunity, anti-aging,anti-bad cells, chemistry and blood convection. The results are as follows:

  1. Ty-e Life Cure is the best supplement to enhance immunity of human bodies up to now, having a relative good effect on curing the illnesses caused by the weak body.
  2. Ty-e Life Cure has a good effect on preventing turning to be serious situation. Our animal tests showed that it can stop the growth and spread of bad cells. As it can improve our immune systems, it had a specific curing effect on the problems of organs after chemotherapy. Therefore, Ty-e Life Cure is the best supplement for the post-treatment after doing surgery.
  3. Ty-e Life Cure can prevent and cure brain aging problem. Brain aging is a serious problem for human bodies, so there are many organizations doing researches on this topic. Ty-e Life Cure has a positive effect on brain contraction, and can cure and prevent the contraction of brain cells.
  4. We have done observations on gastric mucosal contraction. The clinical test showed that the curing possibility is 86%, that of having positive effect is 13%. The total possibility of being effective is 99%. The medical tests of Ty-e Life Cure showed that it has no side effects on human bodies and it is not toxic. It is a good supplement and it is effective. It can nurse our health and lengthen our lives.

Professor Wong Fung Gun

Member of IASP
Director of China Researching Committee of Flab Pain
Committee of Chinese Medicine Society
Director of Recovery Medicine field of Hospital for People’s Liberalization Army


Preventing diseases and Nursing Health, Making Our Bodies Stronger

‘Xu symptom’ and ‘Han symptom’ are the symptoms raised by traditional Chinese doctors, meaning deficiency of bodies and low temperature of bodies respectively. These two symptoms are the two common problems of human bodies, while ‘Xu symptom’ is also the basic problem of human bodies.

Our people pay a lot of attention on nursing health, and we have accumulated a lot of experiences and knowledge on nursing health in the fields of diet and medicine. There’s a great variety of reasons that people get sick, like people became weak after long-term illnesses, the function of body organs become ineffective, the amount of ‘Yang Qi’ is insufficient, etc. Especially when we have a weakened immune system, we have a lower ability to prevent diseases and our old diseases may appear again. More seriously, cancer may also appear. That’s why our ancestors nursed health not only by practising ‘Kung Fu’, but also by eating supplements. However, eating supplements are kind of complicated in the perspectives of theory and method. It is necessary to diagnose the problems and eat the respective supplements towards different ‘Xu symptoms’, like ‘deficiency of vital energy’, ‘deficiency of blood’, ‘deficiency of kidney’. Most of the supplements or medicines available in the market usually only target one ‘Xu symptom’. They only provide nutrients instead of the essential substances for the whole body, like the bioactivity substances. This kind of substances can’t be retreived from food. People have been hoping a kind of supplement that has low-sugar, rich vitamins and microelements to replace the complicated supplements.

Hong Kong Fuk Hong Medical Company(Ty-e Life Cure) used the new ideas of Chinese medicine, together with the natural ingredients stated in Chinese traditional books, like Yu Ling Zhi and fungus, making Ty-e Life Cure by modern bioengine skills. Ty-e Life Cure is the representative of modern medicine, which is also a mixture of manipulating and nursing health. According to the most updated foreign research, the appearance of bad cells is related to the absence of a kind of gene in human bodies. The absence of this kind of gene has prevented the growth of enzyme, increasing the possibility of getting serious problem. Scientists discovered that medicine can help settle the problem. And indeed, there are already ways to settle proved by the tests in laboratories in the current stage.

The scholars also discovered that exercising regularly and taking more microelements can help settle the problem. Based on the points above, we can easily understand why Ty-e Life Cure can help cure many different kinds of diseases. Ty-e Life Cure can consolidate our health, simulate the convection of blood and cure most of the ‘Xu symptoms’. It can also improve the immune system in two directions, enhancing the ability of nervous and heart cells, simulating the growth of immune cells and the bioactivity of NK cells, so as to prevent the growth of bad cells. There are two characteristics of the medicine available in the international market. 1. To prevent and kill bad bacteria. 2. To prevent the death of immune cells. Ty-e Life Cure can offer these two functions surprisingly. The clinical tests show clearly that under the influence of Ty-e Life Cure, miracles happened. The bad thing of the patients got smaller and patients become energetic, having a higher quality of life. The white cells of the serious patients receiving chemotherapy are stable and the patients start to grow hair. The results of the tests of patients having liver,kidney health concerned showed that they were getting better and energetic. Ty-e Life Cure provides a lot of hope to the patients, letting them to try a new life. We wish Ty-e Life Cure can help more people and become a medicine that is often used in the clinical cases and the representative of medicine in the 21st century.

Professor Qian Song Bao

Member of China supplement and science committee
Vice-secretary of Committee
Professor of Medical Science School For Army


Nursing health, Improving Immune system, Lengthen your Lifetime

Ty-e Life Cure is the treasure made by the experts and staff of Hong Kong Fuk Hong Medical Company. It sets a good milestone for mixing up traditional Chinese medicine and modern high technologies. It is a great contribution for people who concern about nursing health.

Ty-e Life Cure is based on scientific experiments and researches, showing its effect significantly in the clinical cases.

Ty-e Life Cure used fungus and Ganoderma in the recipe, and also many precious Chinese medicine like wolfberry and white fungus. The whole recipe is good for accumulating vital energy and enhancing the function of liver and kidney, while simulating blood convection and consolidating the health at the same time.

The researches from the fields of modern Chinese medicine chemistry and Chinese medicine in immune system stated that the fungus, Rou Ling Zhi and wolfberry have a strong power in improving immunity, including improving the function of single cells, the function of preventing bacteria for NK cells, the bioactivity of T-cells and L-cells, and simulating the growth of antobodies from B-cells, so as to simulate the growth of immune cells. The fungus even enhances the immunity in two ways. The appearance of many diseases, are usually related to the weakened immune system.

The modern medicine studies stated that ‘Ginseng’ can make our body and heart stronger, meanwhile, lowering BG and BL, and simulating our blood vessels to make blood. This is the theory basis of Ty-e Life Cure creating miracles.

The researches have done a lot of animal tests before doing clinical tests. They have used the mice having tumors to investigate the effect of anti-tumor. Together with Cyclophosphamide (CTX), they can even investigate the positive effect and the function of lowering toxicity from chemotherapy and radiotherapy. From the tests, they also investigate the function of enhancing immunity in two ways, micro-convection of blood, anti-aging. They got a lot of scientific data and handle the statistics carefully. Ty-e Life Cure is totally scientific and reliable.

The effect of Ty-e Life Cure in clinical tests are very significant. It has a significant effect in preventing bad cells and leveling up the positive effect of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. It can minimize the side-effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, like increasing the white blood cells and minimize the other symptoms. It is good for the treatments of other health problems and it is great for people who are weak and have low immunity. Ty-e Life Cure is a supplement that have no toxicity and can be taken for long-term. Those who are not sick can take it to nurse health, while those have illnesses can take it to get recovered.

Mr. Cheung Wai Man

Director of Researching Laboratory for August-First Sports Team


Good for Lung, Cure Tiredness, Improving Sports Performance

The sports events depend much on the real ability, while real ability is affected by different factors, like the health, function of body organs, mentality, etc. All of them is necessary. These factors can be trained by scientific training to the highest level, so that athletes can perform well in the contests. That’s why the key factors of the modern sports studies is to keep high quality training an to develop the potentials of human bodies. One of the main keys is to cure tiredness, so the athletes can do physically challenging and difficult exercises continuously. Many people used steroid medicine, that is ‘uppers’. Though it is banned and checked by the international Olympics Committee, there are still a large number of people taking risk. It is common to see people who break regulations to receive penalty. Steroid medicine has many side-effects on human bodies, and may contribute to serious consequences.

People start to think whether there are reliable and safe ways to perform better. They start to pay attention on the researches of Chinese medicine. Now, it is proved that Chinese medicine can nurse health, simulate the blood convection and improve immunity. It is extremely effective in improving the function of lung and preventing tiredness. Ty-e Life Cure is assigned as the supplement suitable for the national basketball team, swimming team and weight-lifting team. It is proved that Ty-e Life Cure can cure tiredness significantly. Even after doing many exercises, the athletes sleep well and eat well. They are energetic all the time and they don’t get sick easily. Together with the trtaning, the members of weight-lifting team can lift heavier weight and perform better. Ma Yuk Mui and Chung Yin has got all medals in World Championship for Women. The august-first basketball team has also performed well in the contests. Ty-e Life Cure provides the amino acids and microelements that are essential for human bodies without side effects. Recently, it is assigned as the only supplement taken by August-First Basketball team.

Our action has proved Ty-e Life Cure can cure tiredness and get recovered quickly. We congratulate for the production of Ty-e Life Cure. We want to express our true feelings and experience to the world.

Professor Chow Yin Kam

Director of Chinese Medicine Committee
Vice-chairperson of Chinese Medicine on Kidney Problems Researching Committee
Professor of Nanjing Chinese Medical School

Stronger Kidney and Body, Improve Vital Energy

Ty-e Life Cure has applied modern high technologies. As a Chinese doctor, I am interested in it.

There are a lot of precious Chinese medicine in Ty-e Life Cure, including fungus, Yu Ling Zhi and wolfberry. In the perspective of medical effect, Ty-e Life Cure can stimulate blood convection and improve vital energy, enhancing immunity of human bodies. It doesn’t target at curing specific organs or diseases. Instead, it nurses health of our whole bodies by improving immunity. In the view of clinical cases, Ty-e Life Cure is also very effective.

We have a patient called Mr. Chow, who has got kidney failure. He has got a long-term kidney problem and the problem ‘rised’ to his ears, causing ear health problem. I mainly gave him medicine which improve lung function in his treatment, but the problem of ear didn’t disappear. After taking Ty-e Life Cure for 5 days, he was recovered and the problem doesn’t appear again.

Another patient, Mr. Chan, has also got kidney health concerned. He couldn’t eat well in long-term. After taking Ty-e Life Cure, he can finally eat well, improving his quality of life. He becomes energetic.

My husband had heart weak problem. After taking Ty-e Life Cure, even on the days of raining or low pressure, he won’t have the problem anymore. He can go out for activities and become stronger.

We can see Ty-e Life Cure helps nursing health for our whole bodies in the clinical cases, consolidating our health and simulating the blood convection. It can improve our immune system and cure most of the chronic diseases, making us stronger. It is very effective.

In the perspective of recipe, I specially love the addition of fungus. It will be successful to add fungus as it is the best of supplements in Chinese medicine. It can improve our vital energy a lot. It can grow in the snow and melt the snow, showing that it is powerful.

In the perspective of clinical cases, Ty-e Life Cure is the best of the supplements. It can increase blood pigments and contains amino acid. It can consolidate our health.

According to my father, Professor Chow Ying Cheung, Ty-e Life Cure can cure colds and kill bacteria. It is also effective in helping children. We can see in the laboratory experiments that, Ty-e Life Cure contains 1/10000 eatable acid and it can prevent some health problems.

Professor Yip Wing Wah, the expert in Physics of Nanjing University, also got kidney health concerned. One of his kidneys has already been cut and another kidney is also fail to function. As there is only one kidney left, he cannot cut it anymore, so the situation became serious and complicated. He started to try Chinese medicine. My father used fungus and different food in his treatment. After a few decades, I gave him Ty-e Life Cure, After taking for one treatment, Professor Yip has got a better kidney and a stronger body.

To conclude, Ty-e Life Cure has a significant effect in the clinical cases I have done. So I want to introduce the good product to all of you.

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