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靈芝王生命液| Ty-e Life Cure

樂生命 |靈芝王生命液

樂生命 |靈芝王生命液

Background story of Ty-e Life Cure

As early as the 1970s, a traditional Chinese physician Zhou Shun, a Taoist doctor, has kept a secret recipe technique for cultivating Tai Sui ‘Rou Ling Zhi’(a kind of very rare and precious Ganoderma) known as a treasure in the world.
In 1980s, by this secret recipe technology, Dr. Zhou Shun made original fluid from Tai Sui ‘Rou Ling Zhi’ , helped more than 25 kind of serious ill patients had been cured. This act was reported by the news at that time and then reprinted in the Hong Kong Wen Wei Po.

In 1991, a businessman Mr. Chow in Hong Kong saw this news in Wen Wei Po, and felt keenly that it was a very rare material in the world. He immediately went to visit Dr. Zhou Shun and his disciple Master Xiong. Professor Shi Xuemin, the former director of the First Affiliated Hospital of Tianjin College of Traditional Chinese Medicine was invited by a friend to join the company. Dr. Zhou and Master Xiong is the shareholders by providing their inventio and technique. The businessman Mr. Chow responsible kept funding the project. The Director Shi is the production equipment provider; four of them formed a corperation to mass cultivate ‘Rou Ling Zhi’ from then on.

In October 1993, by using modern automatic production equipment, the first-generation end-product “Ty-e Life Cure” were mass-marketed. Later in 1994, Master Xiong - the inventor of “ Ty-e Life Cure” conducted the first clinical trial at Tianjin First Hospital officially. A total number of 228 patients from various branches of the hospital participated in this clinical study, it shown 92.37% reached the clinical effectiveness, which shocking the medical community at the time. Since then, a large number of rigorous pharmaceutical, toxicological, and human clinical tests have been conducted in 4 hospitals, 4 academic and sports assoication, and 2 laboratory testing institutes, the report shown that such rigorous and massive clinical verification is definitely the best health food supplement in Hong Kong history. In 2001, due to different ideas between partners, both of Dr. Zhou Shun and Master Xiong agreed to separate the business with Mr. Chow to develop their own ideas. Master Xiong has all the way kept this unique recipe for producing “Ty-e Life Cure” while other partners have no idea of it. In the later developments, Master Xiong wholly-owned a production plant, established a large-scale organic farm as a cellar in the original ecological environment for ‘Rou Ling Zhi’ growth in the suburban forest. Since the Tai Sui ‘Rou Ling Zhi’ is rare and valuable, it won't be found easily even in 10 years, in order to bring medical value the most, artificially cultivated can be achieved as a results.

By meeting at a high-tech conference, Hong Kong Newnova Group agreed to cooperate with Master Xiong to develop this rare and precious ‘Rou Ling Zhi’ in Hong Kong. Hongkong Newnova group committed to funding and invest intensely in professional research of ‘Rou Ling Zhi’, develop a large-scale cultivation plant and establish a mass production line of “Ty-e Life cure”, targeted to be the horned beast enterprise as the only property of ‘Rou Ling Zhi’ in the industry globally. A 5,000-square-meter production plant will be established in Hong Kong, and the entire industrial chain will be stationed in Hong Kong too. It’s cultivation, extraction and manufacturing will be done in local Hong Kong, and export from Hong Kong to other place of the world. ‘Rou Ling Zhi’ , a rare and valuable resource has been successfully developed, bringing an inestimable value to health industry in the world!

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