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靈芝王生命液| Ty-e Life Cure

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Ho Ho Yeung Patient who had problem of male part (age 2.5)

After taking Ty-e Life Cure for 2 months, Ho Ho has a head o black hair, and he is so energetic that he plays so hard with his friends. At that time, the Hong Kong media has a wide coverage of news reporting who saved Ho Ho.

In the August of 1993, a child called Ho Ho, who lived in New Territories of Hong Kong and aged only 2.5, had problems with his male part and had to go into hospital. After the surgery, the idoblast cells moved and he had to do surgery and chemotherapy again. The strong side effects made his hair to fall off and he was always unconscious. He was out of the hospital in the late 1993. However, he was too weak and couldn’t play with other kids, the response of chemotherapy was also bad. Ho Ho didn’t get better and one Hong Kong magazine tried to report his story to help him ask for help, putting his photo onto the cover of the magazine.

The news has touched Professor Chow Hung Lung, the producer of Ty-e Life Cure. Professor Chow immediately sent Ty-e Life Cure to Ho Ho. His parents tried to let Ho Ho take Ty-e Life Cure.

• In January of 1994, Ho Ho started taking Ty-e Life Cure without taking other medicine.

• After 2 days, he became energetic. He could eat and sleep more.

• After 7 days, his hair started to grow and his weight increased obviously.

• After 2 months, Ho Ho was energetic and had a head of black hair. He could play like the normal children.

After the examination of hospital, it was proved that he was completely recovered.

A bottle of Ty-e Life Cure can cure the problem which can’t be solved by western medicine and surgery in 2 months. Ty-e Life Cure had saved Ho Ho’s life.

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