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靈芝王生命液| Ty-e Life Cure

樂生命 |靈芝王生命液

Ms Luk Sau Fong Retiring officers of agricultural science department (Age 81)

Ty-e Life Cure has offered me the miracle of life.

Ty-e Life Cure 100%來至世界各地真實個案.震撼人心

I am Luk Sau Fong. In 1986, I got problems in my mammary glands and I cut them off. In 1990, it appeared again with a larger area. In 1993 and 1996, it appeared again and again with a larger area. I took the treatment in the hospital but I can’t do radiotherapy or surgery anymore. All I can do is just chemotherapy. Before I got the problems of mammary glands, I even had the problem of 3H, high liver fat, leg’s bone and waist, causing me to feel dizzy and painful all the time.

During the process of taking Chinese medicine (1996-1997), I became weak but the disease got a little better. My waist and legs were still always painful, so I could not stand long. In 1998, I saw the advertisement of Ty-e Life Cure in the Chinese newspaper, I bought 4 bottles to try. I could tell I became stronger after taking Ty-e Life Cure, because my complexion was good and I seldom fell painful. After that, I have taken Ty-e Life Cure for 3 years.

In early 2000, the problem of mammary glands appeared again with a larger and bleeding area. After examination, it is discovered that the problem affected the bone marrow. So every month I had to take an injection for bone marrow. However, my blood routine examination shows that my blood was normal, even my doctor was surprised as usually patients would have problems in the BRE. I was the oldest, and had the longest medical history. My glands were even bleeding. I made a conclusion that it was the result of taking Ty-e Life Cure.

Ty-e Life Cure has made me stronger. I can do housework myself and take care of my 87 husband. Since 1999, I seldom feel painful of my waist and legs. It’s easy for me to stand and sit. I didn’t feel dizzy anymore.

In conclusion, I had my disease for many years, but I got better after taking Ty-e Life Cure. I want to say thanks to Ty-e Life Cure. I also want to take Ty-e Life Cure continuously. I also want to ask here whether I can get discount for buying Ty-e Life Cure as the budget is limited. I will treasure my life and make good use of the time.

Patient who had problems of mammary glands

Luk Sau Fong

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