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靈芝王生命液| Ty-e Life Cure

樂生命 |靈芝王生命液

Mr. Qu Man
the national first class director of Beijing films, the artistic director of the Beijing Oriental Culture Development Centre United, the senior journalist, editor, committee of The Modern Miscellany

Everyone only has once a life time only, and it is definitely limited.

Ty-e Life Cure 100%來至世界各地真實個案.震撼人心

Although my job is a director, it belongs to the artistic sector in which no one care about the age. However, life is limited, time is limited. Everyone faces the same problem. I am already 74. More unfortunately, in the Spring of 1982, I had the problem of brain. My half body can't more with problems with my right leg and arms. The indexes show I also had some disease. Can you imagine how harsh it is for an old man?

I treasured the time a lot and used the limited time to make different films and TV dramas. Though they had received good comments, I was already very tired.

Life is fun as there are both good and bad things. Fortunately, I met Mr. Chow Hung Lung, who produce Ty-e Life Cure. He is a scholar-typed scientist and we discuss like having academic discussions. He introduced me the theory of disease and the theory of medicine, also the scientific experiments and clinical cases, and the application on human bodies. He has a unique analysis and he understands the passion and willingness of people who want to make good use of their life time. He loves our nation very much and he contributed Ty-e Life Cure, the best medicine, to the world. I am one of the beneficiaries luckily. There were magic effects after I took Ty-e Life Cure. Many people were surprised by my energetic appearance.

First, it cures my problem of frequently going to washroom, which had tortured me for many years. I am a director who always need to go out. When I need to film outside, I always need to stop the car to go washroom. It is both annoying and embarrassing. When I was sleeping at night, I always had to wake up to go toilet, causing a poor sleeping problem. If I want to be q qualified director, I must have to solve this problem.

After taking Ty-e Life Cure, the symptoms started to disappear. I act like the normal people without the 3H problems. My legs and arms won’t have problem anymore. It shows that Ty-e Life Cure has improved my body system, throwing off my burden.

There was still a challenge for me - the director job of a Chinese ancient film. A lot of money had been spent on the film, and we had to travel around under different weather circumstances to film. Because we did not have enough budget, we always had to be fast. However, under the support of Ty-e Life Cure, I made it! People said I seems like a miracle as I can still be strong. To me, Ty-e Life Cure is truly the miracle. So Ty-e Life Cure is also popular in the field of films and dramas.

Ty-e Life Cure can be well-known because Professor Chow developed the true effect of Chinese medicine. People don’t have to sign for the short life time. They all hope to fight for more time.

Though we only have once a life time, the quality of life can be different. Ty-e Life Cure is the ‘Best Drink for Life’, supporting me to move forward!

Thanks for Professor Chow, and thanks for Ty-e Life Cure!

25th October, 2006 New York

Dear Mr. Chow,

In November of 1999 my doctor at the Veterans Administration Hospital told me that I had prostate cancxx and 3 to 6 months to live. She gave me three options. I could have surgery, chemotherapy or do nothing. I chose not to go the traditional western medicine route.

I went from walking and working out 5 days a week to only have enough energy to float in a pool one day a week by April of 2000. My son then brought me Ty-e and I began taking it in April of 2000. I had an appointment with my doctor in May of 2000 and she said that my condition had stabilized and was not getting worse.

My next appointment was in August of 2000. I went for the preliminary blood test. After the results came in my appointment to see the doctor was cancelled because they said that may be some mistake and I had to take the test again. Two weeks later when I saw the doctor after they did the second test she said my PSA test was normal. She couldn’t understand what had happened.

I take Ty-e daily and exercise at a gym 6 days a week now. January 1, 2007 is my 91st birthday and I feel better than I did when I was 40. My family and I thank you very much.


Maj. Anthony A. Alico
Oct.25,2006 NewYork

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