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Chiu Yu Yin Patient of brain problem for 9 years

Ty-e Life Cure gives me a new life! I hope Ty-e Life Cure can cure more patients!

I am Chiu Yu Yin. I got brain problem unfortunately in 2002, causing me unable to move easily. In these 9 years, i had searched for the possible treatments and had spent a lot of money. However, I did not get better. In June, my disease got more serious and I could only stay on the bed and couldn’t take care of myself. My wife had almost given up her work to take care of me, but I did not get better either. Fortunately, the costumer manager of Ty-e Life Cure introduced Ty-e Life Cure to us. I bought 15 boxes to try its effectiveness. After 1 month, I got better. After 2 months, I can take care of myself. Now I am taking Ty-e Life Cure for the third month, I can walk like healthy people already. The indexes show I become normal again.

Here, I want to thanks for the help of Ty-e Life Cure sincerely, providing a new life for me. I hope more patients can be cured by Ty-e Life Cure!


Chiu Yu Yin

October, 2011

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