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靈芝王生命液| Ty-e Life Cure

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Ty-e Life Cure 100%來至世界各地真實個案.震撼人心

Mr. Shiang Dai Mo senior engineer (age 80)

I have tried Ty-e Life Cure for 10 years. I think the effectiveness of Ty-e Life Cure helps me a lot, and I can use my self experience to prove it.

I am Shiang Dai Mo, a male, age 80. In the early 1995, I discovered myself having serious 3H problem (HBP, HBL, HBG). I am a person who care a lot about my BGL. However, I cannot prevent myself from getting this disease. I always drink water and urinate a lot. I was recognized as the second level by the Peking Union Hospital. My treatment mainly focuses on controlling my diet and recipe, doing more exercises and taking western medicine. My weight kept at 62kg before I was 60. I won’t get fat even I eat more than enough. But when I was 70, in the circumstance that I ate the same amount of food, my weight had been increased to 86kg. The increased 24kg shows that I got the elderly obesity. At that time, a friend introduced me to take Ty-e Life Cure. I took 6 bottles a month, meanwhile reducing the amount of western medicine. After 3 months, the indexes showed I was back to normal. Since then, I keep taking Ty-e Life Cure. Until now, it has already been 10 years.

At the beginning, I took Ty-e Life Cure for curing HG problem. But it isn’t enough. Sometimes if I eat too much, I still have to eat some western medicines. However, it is obvious that the unpleasant symptoms brought by 3H problems have disappeared, and the rate of my body getting old is slower. In the perspective of appearance, I do not have too much fat in my waist, face and neck anymore. My weight keeps at 75kg and I am energetic all the time. My body’s situation is similar to that in 60. All body checks show that I have a healthy body and it seldom appears in the cases of others who are same age with me.

Although I always spend my time at home, I have to analyse different medical researches. My schedule is packed and I am recently doing the editor of PTSC website. And I have set up a electronic business consultancy to promote Ty-e Life Cure. I am busy all the time because of the promotion stuff, but I am not tired. If it is not Ty-e Life Cure, it is not possible.

As a kind of supplement, the main benefit of Ty-e Life Cure is to postpone the process of getting old, making it a treasure for the emperors in the past. After taking Ty-e Life Cure for a long time, I discovered that it is efficient,. It , however, does not have side effects. If you find yourself do not have enough energy, there will be obvious improvements after taking Ty-e Life Cure for 3 days. It won’t directly enhance the ability of your sexual organ, but it provides you confidence.

In most of the clinical cases of Ty-e Life Cure, it can be seen that one of the benefits is to cure the kidney problems. After the menopause, the sexual organs usually become useless. The function of Ty-e Life Cure is to postpone the date of menopause, turning these sexual organs to important again.

After the menopause, as the metabolism rate has decreased, usually people become fat, ruining their original image. Ty-e Life Cure can offer obvious improvement. After I have started taken Ty-e Life Cure, my weight has reduced by 10kg. There isn’t extra fat on my neck anymore and my waist becomes thinner.

To conclude, people get old, so they get elderly disease. To postpone the progress of getting old, the main key is to enhance same ability, to improve the self-curing ability of human bodies. I believe this is the miracle brought by Ty-e Life Cure. I experienced it myself.

Shiang Da Mo

Senior Engineer

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