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Clinical Tests

Report No #12: Observation of Ty-e Life Cure on the amount of BG of patients (extracted from the original report)

During the observation, we have found out that Ty-e Life Cure can significantly improve the BG level of patients. Both the amount of white protein and total protein has been increased, turning the ratio to normal. There are 30 clinical cases.


  1. In recent years, patients have often faced the problems of deficiency in blood and vital power, and there is an uptrend. That’s why our hospital started using Ty-e Life Cure based on our treatment. Through nursing the body as a whole, Ty-e Life Cure can improve and enhance our bodies, so as to improve the blood protein level of those patients. It helps consolidate the good things and keeps away the bad things, showing that Ty-e Life Cure is one of the most effective medicine curing problems with lower blood protein level.
  2. The power of forming white protein in liver will be lowered if one got problems. Meanwhile, the bodies used up a lot of white protein quickly, thereby low blood protein level can be formed. The previous treatments focused on supplementing blood protein. However, there is no specific treatment to cure this totally. Analysing from the result of the patients taking Ty-e Life Cure, it can be showed that Ty-e Life Cure not only provides supplements, but also can cure specific problems. As the time using Ty-e Life Cure in the treatment is not long enough, the exact function and system cannot be proved, so it is necessary to carry out a deeper research.

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