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靈芝王生命液| Ty-e Life Cure

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Clinical Tests

Report No #8: The test on athletes by Harbin Sports Scientific Researching Centre in 1999

Responsible department: Harbin Sports Scientific Researching Centre
Responsible Hospital: Harbin First Medical University and Hei Lung Jian People’s Hospital

The athletes from skiing team joining the 4th Winter Olympics has tried the effectiveness of Ty-e Life Cure.30 popular skiing athletes have been divided into testing group and control group. The testing group tried Ty-e Life Cure for 50 days. The result showed thaat the amount of immune protein IgG, IgM, IgA, white blood cells, T-cells in blood have been increased by a great extent. By receiving the same amount of exercises, the BUN produced and activity of CK has a downward trend, showing that Ty-e Life Cure can improve immunity, monitoring the body system and hence improving the sports ability.

There is a special circumstance at that time. During the experiment, there was a common broke out among the citizens. However, no one in the testing group has been infected. Those in the control group had got sick for a long time. The testing group has also received checking from the national Olympics Association, proving that Ty-e Life Cure has no toxicity.

Report: During the periodic test of Ty-e Life Cure on the skiing athletes, we have chosen few indexes of immunology that are related to sports trainings, i.e. WBC, NK_C, IgC, IgA, IgM. We used FACSCALIBUR’s flow cytometer produced by the US B-D Company to test NK-cells, and the reagent used is the CD3/CD16-56 double fluorescent-labelled antibody produced by the same company. We have used ARRAY360 Protein analyser produced by the US Beckham Company to test IgG, IgM, IgA, while the reagent used is also produced by Beckham.

The statistics showed that the level of WBC, IgG, IgM of the testing group has been increased after treatment. The testing group has a significant increase in the NK-C level, while the control group didn’t. We can conclude that the immune system of the testing group has been enhanced, increasing the ability to prevent diseases and guaranteeing the good training. Especially when the common broke out, many athletes in the control group has been infected. After the analysis, it is found out that nobody was getting problem in the testing group. Those in the control group had got sick for a long time, affecting the process of training seriously. We were excited about this and we have started to carry out the research on modern diseases.

A skiing athlete, Mrs. Si Dung Hung, had a relatively weak body. After a lot of training, her immunity was weakened and would easily get sick. In the past, when it was in autumn or winter, she could only watch training videos. After taking Ty-e Life Cure, her ability to prevent disease has enhanced. She didn’t get sick no matter where she did the training, setting a good basis for getting champion in the competitions. There were also other athletes trying Ty-e Life Cure, like Li Jia Jun, Sun Suet, Jiu Hung Pot. They all prevented from catching cold. They got good results in all the competitions.

Throughout the formal and serious experiment, it can be concluded that Ty-e Life Cure is very effective and easy to be taken. There are no side effects produced and it has passed the test of national medical analysing centre. It is safe and reliable and is able to enhance immunity for athletes, nursing their health as a whole.

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