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靈芝王生命液| Ty-e Life Cure

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Clinical Tests

Report No #5: 23 clinical cases in Guangzhou First People’s Hospital in 1996 (extract from the original report)

Responsible Staff: Mao Ping, Lee Chui Jing, Kwan Ming Mei

There are 23 clinical cases in total, including 6 cases of AL, 2 cases of CN, 3 cases of MM, 3 cases of MLT, 3 cases of SLE, 3 cases of real bad cells  and 3 cases of other chronic diseases.


  1. Ty-e Life Cure was proved by scientific experiments that it contains rich amino acid and proteins, a great variety of vitamins and microelements. The clinical cases proved that Ty-e Life Cure can be the assisting medicine for bad cells, problems related to heart, brain and vein, kidney bad cells and problems caused by low immunity.
  2. Ty-e Life Cure can turn patients better significantly. Other than the functions of improving one’s appetite and sleeping standard, two other patients patients who are not living in the hospitals have become energetic and strong after taking Ty-e Life Cure for 2 months.
  3. It is observed that Ty-e Life Cure can increase the amount of white cells, which are good in assistant for the patients having bad cells who have to receive chemotherapy. In order to test the real effect of Ty-e Life Cure on increasing blood cells, we have made the following arrangement on the choices of cases. We have chosen the blood bad cells which were in the remission period (OR/PR), the cases receiving chemotherapy which had been expected long for recovery in white blood cells. When we were using Ty-e Life Cure for treatment, we didn’t use any other medicine that may increase the amount of white blood cells. People having WBD indexes lower than 1.5x10(9)/L were not chosen to be tested. 3 of the patients got increased white blood cells and blood protein after treatment, showing Ty-e Life Cure may possibly affect the growth of blood cells or the environment for growing blood cells. However, more cases and formal experiments are needed to prove this assumption.
  4. There are experimental reports mentioning Ty-e Life Cure can increase the phagocytosis ratio of the mouse model, enhancing the reaction of immune system. There are two cases showing that the level of IgG has returned to normal after treatment. It is worth to do deeper research on whether Ty-e Life Cure can enhance immune system.
  5. From both the reaction of patients and experimental indexes, there is no negative side-effect observed, showing that it is reliable and safe relatively.

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