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靈芝王生命液| Ty-e Life Cure

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Clinical Tests

Report No #4: 35 patients having Bone Problems in Fourth Military Medical University Tang Du Hospital in 1997 (extract from the original report)

Responsible Staff: Fan Ching Yu, Lau Shu Lam, Cheung Din Chung, Kwok Oi Lam, Kau Sau Chun

Conclusion: According to the researches, the immune system of those who have bone bad cells has been restrained. So it is necessary to improve immunity of patients. We have chosen 35 patients having bone bad cells from different kinds to take Ty-e Life Cure, 10 bottles for each. After 35 days, it is discovered that some immunity indexes showed improvement after taking Ty-e Life Cure. It can increase the phagocytosis ratio, attacking ability, activity of NK cells, and amount of CD3 and CD4 in T-cells. The average amount of CD8 has been lowered, however, it is not significant in statistics. The ratio of CD4 to CD8 has be increased. The phagocytosis ratio of P,0.01, M∮has also been increased. All of the data shows that Ty-e Life Cure can enhance immunity level of the patients having bone bad cells. There are no toxicity or side-effects discovered in the clinical cases, referring Ty-e Life Cure can be a good assisting medicine of immunology.

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