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靈芝王生命液| Ty-e Life Cure

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Clinical Tests

Report No #3: 228 clinical cases in Tian Jin First Medical School. The cases are mainly done in different divisions of the hospital, including division of acupuncture, division of Nephrology, division of Gastroenterology, division of Oncology, Division of Endocrinology, division of Cardiology, with a total of 228 people. (Extract from the original report)

Responsible Staff: Professor Shek Hok Man

(i) 52 cases of S, 10 cases of PL, 8 cases of bone, 6 cases of cervical, 2 cases of knee joint, 8 cases of RA, 10 cases of SP, 3 cases of C, 6 cases of MT, 9 cases of flab damage

Conclusion: We have done the treatments for 118 patients. 42 of them have lessened their painfulness after taking Ty-e Life Cure for 10 days. 30 days of treatment can contribute to 8.47% of recovering rate, while that of total efficiency is 92.37%. It shows that Ty-e Life Cure can stop the painfulness of body and bone junctions. In the clinical cases, there is no negative effect or side effect shown.

(ii) 20 casesCR failure

Conclusion: The efficiency rate is about 75%. It solves the symptoms significantly, enhancing the immune system of the bodies. Most of the patients become energetic and are willing to eat, improving diseases at the same time.

(iii) 10 cases of CG with the efficiency rate of 90%.

(iv) 40 cases of CA disease with the efficiency rate of 75%

Conclusion: Ty-e Life Cure has a relatively positive effect in alleviating problems of breast painfulness. It is not toxic for liver and kidney.

(v) 20 cases of DB problems. After taking for 1 month, 13 of them have turned better.

(vi) 20 cases of observing medical effect on treatments

Conclusion: Most of the patients were satisfied with the medical effect. There were tests to investigate the situation of health condition before and after the treatments, with a result of 80% of them being stable. There was also a positive effect showing on the symptoms of the middle-late patients of bad cells. After the chasing test on the immunity and functioning level of liver and kidney of patients, it is found that Ty-e Life Cure may possibly improve the level of immunity on bad cells and body fluids. Referring to out observation on the clinical cases, Ty-e Life Cure is a safe, reliable and effective anti-bad cell medicine for those who have bad cells. If Ty-e Life Cure is going to be applied widely in the fields of clinical cases, it will be good for the patients.

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