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Clinical Tests

Report No #1: The experiment on compound bacteria’s medical effect of Yu Ling Zhi in 1988 (Extract from the original report)

Conclusion: The experiment aims at testing the medical effect on lung capacity. Free activity level, ability of weight-swimming, ability of climbing over obstacles, organ functions of the mouse which are having weak bodies and sexual abilities. The results shows that Rou Ling Zhi can lengthen the swimming time and increase the lung capacity of the mouse. It has a significant positive effect on the thymus, renicapsule and spleen of the mouse, showing that Rou Ling Zhi provides the functions of calming, preventing tiredness, increasing lung ability and enhancing immunity.

Responsible Staff: Wong Kit (Researcher), Cheung Ping (Assistant Researcher)
Responsible Department: Medical Science Researching Department of Tian Jin

Date: 15th May, 1998

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