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靈芝王生命液| Ty-e Life Cure

樂生命 |靈芝王生命液

Suitable for Everyone

It is suitable for all kinds of people, including children and elderly. Please let Ty-e Life Cure show you the miracle of ‘Best Drink for Life’ !


It is suitable for people who:

  • Have a weak body and immune system; have sub-health-related diseases
  • Busy and have a lot of social activities
  • Concern about the problems of blood L, blood P, blood G, C, uric acid, high ALT , High Bun reading
  • Concern about problems of male health
  • Concern about problems of female ovarian and breast
  • Concern about inherit diseases and brain aging problem
  • Concern about liver, kidney, heart, brain, lung, pancreas, intestines, stomach, bone, blood cells
  • Concern about eyes, throat, nose, and other health problem related to body organs
  • Concern about immune system problems
  • Concern about the side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy

1 set 6 boxes, Super Effective – 2sets (12 boxes) shows effect significantly in 30 days

Ty-e Life Cure is tasty. It can be add water to drink together. Usually, 20ml Ty-e added 40ml room temperature water.

Instructions (measure cup included)

Health people for nursing health

20ml per day

People who have mild health problems 

20ml in both the morning and evening respectively per day

People who are facing serious illnesses 

1 bottle per day, take 20ml for every 2 hours


Serious patients who lost appetite will turn to be eager to eat after taking Ty-e Life Cure. Take 20ml each time. You can serve it with water or tea, like 20ml of Ty-e Life Cure can be served with 20ml-40ml of water. People who are coughing can serve it with honey water. It is also can be added into congee or soup while people is difficult with eating. For someone who can’t walk , they can add 10-20ml white wine ( with 50 degree ) into 20ml Ty-e and drink together each time. Please be noted that the white wine added into Ty-e is noly can be maximum 20ml for each drink of 20 ml Ty-e. Please also note that it is not encourage people to dink a lot of wine. The white wine here just required only limited quantity , only 20ml for each drink . The white wine here works as a assistance to improve the blood circulation and to maximize the effect of Ty-e . By doing so , a lot of patients can walk again and can take care of themselves independently after taking 3 – 6 months later. The patients are suggested to take 1 bottle Ty-e per day at the first 6 months. It can less the dosage after great improvement.

If you are taking western or Chinese medicine at the same time, please take Ty-e Life Cure after at least an hour.


Normal symptoms while taking Ty-e Life Cure 

Ty-e Life Cure has been available in the market for 22 years. It is mild and it won’t lead to bad reactions. It can be taken by babies, pregnant women or elderly. During the process of nursing health, there may be some symptoms appeared after taking Ty-e Life Cure. It is normal symptoms and it actually shows your body is getting better. The symptoms will usually disappear after 15-30 days.

The symptoms are as follows:

  1. Bodies of healthy people won’t have huge reactions towards Ty-e Life Cure. But the skin and eyes can show you are getting better. You can be more energetic and sleep well at night. It can enhance your memory and keep your brain refreshed if you often drink Ty-e Life Cure. You will keep being healthy and get rid of the spots on the skin.
  2. Bodies of those who are facing 3H problems, the indexes of blood P and blood L may fluctuate. It is a common phenomenon and it will maintain health again after 1 month.
  3. Bodies of those who are weak may have the symptoms of painful ears, dizzy, sleepy, bad stomach, getting canker sore, acne, sputum, thirsty or nose blood when they start taking Ty-e Life Cure. The symptoms may last for about 2 weeks and will disappear soon after the bodies are improved.
  4. Bodies of those who have a weak heart or do not have enough blood, the heart rate may be higher after taking Ty-e Life Cure. It will get better after taking Ty-e Life Cure for 2 weeks.
  5. For those who grow a boil near the anus may have blood pieces in the urine. It will get normally get better after 2 weeks. If the problem lasts for more than 2 weeks, please go to the hospital for checking.
  6. Female bodies of those who have problems may have a longer or late mensuration. It will get better after taking Ty-e Life Cure for about 2 months. If the problem lasts for more than 2 months, please go to the hospital for checking. If women take Ty-e Life Cure during their mensuration, the amount of blood may be higher than normal situation. It is a good reaction showing Ty-e Life Cure is helping to clear the bad blood.
  7. There are many people has got a recovered and refreshed body after taking Ty-e Life Cure. They are turning back to their teenage life.

This product is food. It is not registered under the Pharmacy and Poisons Ordinance or the Chinese Medicine Ordinance. Any claim made for it has not been subject to evaluation for such registration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent any disease.


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