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靈芝王生命液| Ty-e Life Cure

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Clinical Tests

Report No #6: Report of the assisting effect on the clinical cases having chemotherapy for bad cells in Nanjing August-First Military Tumor Researching Centre in 1995 (extract from the original report)

Responsible Staff: Chun Suk Luk, Ho Chak Ming, Ma Wing Chuen

There are 69 patients in the experiment


1.    Recent Medical Effect

The average efficiency is 4.5% in the testing group, that of receiving chemotherapy is 26.1%, significantly higher than the testing group (P<0.05). The efficiency of combining group is 39.1%, showing that Ty-e Life Cure has a positive effect on the combining chemotherapy treatment.

2.    Living Standard

A)   KPS Standard

The combining group and the testing group have tested their health situation by KPS, having 69.6% and 43.5% respectively, both are higher than the group receiving chemotherapy (30.4%).

B)   Appetite

After taking Ty-e Life Cure, most of the patients have a better appetite. Ty-e Life Cure can alleviate the negative effect on the appetite of the patients.

3.    Indexes of immune system

After taking Ty-e Life Cure, there is an increasing trend in Lymphocyte transformation rate, the activity of NK cells and the ratio of T4 to T8. The total amount of T-cells didn’t show significant improvement. Ty-e Life Cure can alleviate the restraining effect of chemotherapy medicine on immune system.

4.    The Side Effects

A)   Blood

There is no significant effect on blood if one only takes Ty-e Life Cure solely. The group receiving chemotherapy has lowered their white blood cells, unlike the group taking Ty-e Life Cure, showing that Ty-e Life Cure can alleviate the restraining effect of chemotherapy medicine on immune system.

B)   Other reactions

There are 4 cases of inappropriate liver functions in the group receiving chemotherapy. However, there are no such cases in the group having Ty-e Life Cure, showing that Ty-e Life Cure has no side effect.

Discussion: In recent years, there are improvements in the chemotherapy treatment of bad cells. However, its effect on clinical cases are still not satisfactory enough. Chemotherapy set a number of side effects on the immune system, functions of kindey and liver and the functions of making blood, in which we have to solve as soon as possible. There are clinical cases of over hundreds of X patients in over 30 national hospitals, showing that when we use Ty-e Life Cure together with chemotherapy or radiotherapy, the negative effect can be alleviated and the effect of those treatments can be enhanced to a greater extent, improving their living standard. The researches from our centre showed that Ty-e Life Cure can improve the medical effect on the combining treatment with chemotherapy, improving one’s immune system and appetite, and lessening the side effects of chemotherapy medicine. It shows that Ty-e Life Cure is good for the treatment of bad cells, and is a good assisting medicine. Our experiments are good proofs for the effect of Ty-e Life Cure. The animal experiments showed that there are improvements in free activity level, ability of weight-swimming, ability of climbing over obstacles, organ functions of the mouse which are having weak bodies and sexual abilities. These are good for those patients having bad cells in assistance. Most of the patients have reflected that they have a stronger body after taking Ty-e Life Cure. They become energetic and have a better appetite and sleeping standard. There were no side effects shown in the clinical cases. Moreover, the patients have also reflected that Ty-e Life Cure is tasty ad convenient. To conclude, Ty-e Life Cure can improve one’s health and living standard, improving one’s immune system. It is good to alleviate the side effects of chemotherapy medicine and it is worth to be promoted and analysed furthermore.

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